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Welcome to Removal Jobs

Our Removals Team consists of fully trained and qualified Consultants with a full time administration support network. Each Consultant has been moulded to become a professional and efficient recruiter utilising previous experience in the recruitment market and also taking full advantage of industries that provide a “customer is key” service. Our vision, the “Red vision” as we like to call it, steers us clear of your normal branded “agency”. We offer a far more in-depth solution to our industries and our detailed registration process for our candidates is only one of many processes followed to ensure that a quality and high-standard portfolio of candidates exists at any given time.

Our Removals Team focuses on providing an innovative recruitment solution to the moving industry, with a particular stronghold on positions in the Domestic, International, Commercial and Corporate markets. Our salary ranges have no end and we have no parameters – meaning that we welcome any vacancy, with any salary range, whether a vacancy has an approximate salary of £10,000 per annum or £100,000 per annum each will be provided with an equally confidential, professional and efficient approach. Areas that we also deal with include Self Store, Data Storage/Archiving, Fine Art Shipping, Warehouse and Relocations.

We tailor our service to our clients needs and often work along side the client on exclusive or preferred supplier basis looking at the recruitment needs over a 6 to 12 month period, as well as looking after our client’s immediate needs. Red believe in offering an intelligent answer to recruitment needs within organisations.

We are also international specialists with clients worldwide ranging from from Paris, New York, Dubai, Sydney, Kuala Lumpar, Cape Town, Dublin and many more – there is no end to our service, and we always adopt a very open mind to any opportunity.

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